Today’s my birthday — or maybe by the time I figure out how to make all of this work, that’s “yesterday was… .”

Just what the world needs, another blog. But that’s what I need to do right now, to be an active part of the world. I’ve been an observer for most of my time. Sure, I’ve had input. I’ve made my contributions. Now I’m stepping…

Well, forward. Not out front, that’s for sure. There’s a thriving blogging community out there. I don’t know much about it. So, I’m gonna learn!

(Maybe I’ll start by asking my cat. I think he’s had a blog for years. That would explain the kibble crumbs in the keyboard.)

Sure, I could read around, see who’s doing what, who’s writing what. Not that I haven’t. But it can’t all be political surrogates, on-air personalities, photo collections, or wannabe journalists (nothing wrong there, by the way)? But that’s observing again. Not doing.

This is about doing. Taking a stand. Getting out there without leaving my desk chair (I’ll leave posting by e-mail and wireless to another time). Small, first steps.

And if I press Publish right now, I will be “on the air” on my birthday!

Nice to meet you. See you again soon.

(I just know I’m gonna edit this later.)

As always, I’m